The Center MISSION:
To support community
members to become stewards
 of their own lives, the lives
of others and the environment
in which we all live. 

    Workforce Development Programs

YouthWORKS is a program for youth and youth adults ages 14-24. YouthWORKS offers job skill development through:

●  mentoring

●  job training

●  internship placement

●  life skills workshops

●  counseling

●  tutoring

●  leadership opportunities


Youth Outreach

The Center partners with the Unified school districts of Windsor, Healdsburg, Geyserville and Cloverdale to identify youth and young adults eligble for the program. The Center gives participants individual support to set and achieve education and employment goals.  

Board of Supervisors Fruit Tree Planting Building Our Future Today                      

Eligble youth participate in a variety of workshops and fieldtrips to various companies and local business to explore the skills necessary to obtain and retain successful employment.

Linkages to the Community                          

The Center collaborates with local government municipalities, non-profits, and businesses to place youth participants in workready skill development opportunities.

For more information contact:  707-838-6641, ext. 256, or email YouthWORKS@cfses.org.


The Center's YouthWORKS program includes the following opportunties for youth and young adults throughout Sonoma County:


"I've never had a job
before.  I learned things
that I'll use to get
another job."
- J. G.

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