The Center MISSION:
To support community
to become stewards
 of their own lives, the lives
of others and the
in which we all live.

Habitat Restoration

In partnership with the California Land Stewardship Institute's award winning Fish Friendly Farming Program, The Center is helping to restore a section of Redwood Creek in the Maacama Watershed, critical habitat for the endangered coho salmon a tributary of the Maacama Creek Watershed. The Center and CLSI installed 45 native oak trees grown in The Center's Native Plant Nursery.  

Maacama Watershed is located on the eastern side of the Russian River watershed and encompoasses almost 70 square-miles.  Maacama Creek enter the Russian River several miles upstream from the City of Healdsburg.  The Center developed the Restoration Plan in fidelity with the historic ecological conditions of the Knights Valley, Kellogg and Reedwood Creek watersheds.  As a historic alluvial fan, the restored section of Redwood Creek would be expected to have scattered trees occuring over a wide swath of the fan, rather than what we would expect to see in a more common linear riparian corridor in a valley stream.

The Redwood Creek Watershed has been am agricultural area since the 1850s when wheat fields and orchards were predominant.  Vineyards are now the primary land use, with cattle ranching occuring along the eastern grassy hills.
Map of Maacama Watershed

Redwood Creek Planting with Killdeer Left: A Killdeer was nesting near by and decided to investigate The Center's planting tubes.

Redwood Creek Coast Live Oak with DriWater


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As part of the Stewardship
Corps I learned alot about
native plants and how
to make sure they live once
you put them in the ground.
 I'm going to come back next
year and see how big
they've gotten..
- E.L. Stewardship Corps
Spring 2011

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