The Center MISSION:
To support community
members to become stewards
 of their own lives, the lives
of others and the environment
in which we all live. 

    Nature Walks
       Bird Watching WildflowersWestern Bluebird 

     The Center’s Nature Walks are suitable for all ages and abilities and will be led by expert educators. The Walks cover a variety of topics including nature photography, California native plant and bird identification.      

Click to view Slideshows from The Center's Nature Walks:

Earth Day Celebration at Riverfront Regional Park

Birdwatching at Cloverdale River Park

Photography - Shapes and Colors - at Cloverdale River Park

Earth Day Celebration at Riverfront Regional Park

Photography in Nature at Riverfront Regional Park
Wildflower Walk at Clover Springs Regional Open Space

Nature Photography at Cloverdale River Park

                             Father and Son


"My favorite bird was
the osprey.  I like how
it swooped down and
grabbed the fish
right out of the water".
- S. P.

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