The Center MISSION:
To support community
to become stewards
 of their own lives, the lives
of others and the
in which we all live.

Habitat Restoration
Farmscaping for Conservation

The Center's Farmscaping for Conservation Program identifies and implements, in collaboration with farmers, partner agencies,
and community leaders, projects that produce long-term habitat benefits for wildlife while maintain the economic sustainability of the agriculture practices. 
The Program's services include riparian habitat restoration projects to support endangered salmon populations and protect water quality, hedgerow installation to increase beneficial insect and pollinator populations, assistance to local and regional beekeepers in the placement of European honeybee colonies in overwintering foraging habitat, and educational workshops for landowners, community members, and beekeepers.

For more information about the benefits of farmscaping practices on agricluture land visit UC Davis Agriculture Adaptation to Climate Change.

Long-term outcomes for the program include:
  1. increase plant species diversity,
  2. improve water quality,
  3. conserve habitat for salmonid populations,
  4. provide foraging resources for pollinators,
  5. increase service-learning and educational opportunities.
Above:  European Honeybee with Lavendar, one of their favorites.
Insectary Hedgerow - Photo Courtesy UCANR
Above: Example of fully mature insectary and pollinator hedgerow.  Photo courtesy of UCANR.

Below and bottom right:  The Center's YouthWORKS students planting an insectary hedgerow for beneficial insects on a local farm and the finished product.                                                      
YouthWORKS planting a hedgerow

"Working with The Center
to install hedgerows
on my vineyard was a
worthwhile project. As
an hobby beekeeper, it's
important to me to
provide a food source
 for honeybees."
- T. G. 

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