The Center MISSION:
To support community
members to become stewards
 of their own lives, the lives
of others and the environment
in which we all live. 

    Service-Learning Programs

The Center's Service-Learning and Environmental Education Program provides opportunities for local citizens to become stewards of their environment in The Center's successful Stewardship Corps.

The Center's Stewardship Corps works closely with our Habitat Restoration Program to restore critical habitat for endangered species and grow over 20,000 native plants annually.

Specific goals identified by The Center's Service-Learning and Environmental Education Program include:

●  Provide meaningful, sustainable service to our              community.

●  Create environmental stewardship opportunities for     youth, families, and community members.

●  Explore the environment through hands-on,                 inquiry-based activities.

For more information please contact:  707-838-6641, ext. 401, or by email ServiceLearning@cfses.org.

Programs and Services include:

         Learning about the watershed


"I finished my Senior Project
in The Center's Native
Plant Nursery.  I learned
how to grow plants and
collect seeds.  When I go to
Santa Rosa JC in the fall I'm going to take a class in horticulture so I can
learn more."
- J. A.

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